Skin Treatment

Treatment for Skin Problems

Skin problem or Dermatitis is a condition affecting many dogs and there are many causes that leads to a dog having skin problem. We will do our best to advise you on how to properly care for and treat your dog. Do not seek quick results to solve your pets skin conditions as quick treatment usually involves either antibiotic treatment or steroid doses, which can be extremely harmful to your pets immune system and natural bacterial flora. Their body has natural immunity and a community of Good bacteria required for their healing therefore we do not want to destroy that by introducing antibiotics or any harmful treatment unless it is absolutely necessary. And of course proper care and attention is also necessary on your part to speed up recovery.

We have treatment solutions for skin problems and we will also guide you on how to care for them but remember that it is not an overnight solution. We want to suppress the symptoms, alleviate the itching and maintain their skin well, whilst allowing them time to recover, through their own natural bacterial flora and not compromising the immune system . There are cases of Serious yeast infections and parasitic infections that may require veterinary treatment, and we will definitely inform you if they really do require antibiotics or veterinary intervention.

Skin Treatment Spa:

For Mild to Moderate Skin Problems

  • Weekly Spa Treatment – For dogs with mild to moderate skin issues, it is beneficial to do a weekly shower and spa. This is to alleviate itching and scratching thus giving rise to secondary skin infections and prevent worsening of the problem

For Moderate to Serious Skin Problems

  • Twice Weekly Spa Treatment – For dogs with moderate to serious skin issues, regular shower and treatment is necessary. However the correct shampoo and treatment is important as we do not want to dry out their dogs skin such that it gives rise to dry skin. Moisture and their natural oils are important and we do not want to wash off their natural protection. Do check with us on the recommended, Cure Solution Dog Allergy Shampoo. Where possible, it is best to be able to cater time to regularly shower them and to keep them clean , especially in the case of Yeast related problems which is extremely itchy for them and one of the most common issues afflicting dogs.


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