Grooming (Full)

Complete Grooming also known as full grooming consist of

  • Pawpads shaving – Their only sweat glands are located on the underside of their paws. Clearing out the fur enables them to cool off easier and also ensures their stable footing especially on tile surfaces
  • Nail Trimming – Trimming of the nails up to the edge of the kwik (blood Vessel). And filing to ensure a smooth finish
  • Belly And Hygiene Area Shaving – Shaving of the belly area and anal areas to keep their hygiene while Peeing and Pooing.
  • Ear Cleaning – The fur in their ears would be cleared and cleaned up to remove any wax or debris.
  • Anal Glands – Their anal glands will be cleared before proceeding to Shower. Anal glands need to be emptied regularly to prevent impaction or swelling.
  • Shower – We use only Purestpets Shampoo for their baths. An excellent hypoallergenic skin treatment bath that is suitable for all breeds of dogs. Purestpets Shampoo is a naturally moisturizing shampoo which is a conditioner in itself. We finish off the process with a Microbubble shower to clear out dirt and grime.
  • Fluffing – In preparation for the styling of your dog, they will be handfluffed to get their fur in the optimum condition for our stylist. We will clear out minor tangles to ensure the balance of the fur.
  • Scissoring and Styling – The final stage of Full grooming. Styling according to your preference. We will also advise you on the best style for your pets according to the length of their fur, their fur texture and body structure. Our Groomers and Stylist are appropriately qualified and endowed with good skills and relevant work experience. Most importantly, they love and care for your pets.
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