Grooming (Basic)

We offer a wide variety of basic grooming services, except for the styling and scissoring service.

  • Pawpads shaving – Your dogs can pick up unhealthy substances that get stuck in the hair between their pawpads as they walk. This can lead to severe medical problems. Cleaning their pawpads will not only help in cooling their sweat glands, but also offer them a stable footing on surfaces.
  • Trimming of Nails – Nails, especially dewclaws, can turn into a major hazard for your dogs. We prevent this discomfort and provide excellent nail maintenance with a smooth finish.
  • Belly Shaving – Our belly shaving service will help maintain your dog’s hygiene.
  • Ear Cleaning – The twisty, curvy shape of your dog’s ears can make them a hiding place for many bacteria and parasites. Our cleaning helps prevent them and also remove trapped debris.
  • Anal Glands – Your dog’s anal glands, when full, can cause discomfort as well as lead to infected glands. Leakage of their anal glands and their attempts to constantly lick their rear are signs of problems. Anal gland cleaning will help in preventing these problems and also help get away from swelling.
  • Shower – Our groomers are capable of getting any shower-averse dog clean and fresh. We use Purestpets Shampoo, a natural moisturizer, to ensure hypoallergenic skin treatment. The process of shower is brought to an end with a Microbubble shower to clean the grime and dirt.
  • Fluffing – Without fluffing, your dog’s coat may get tangled and form mats. At Masmagroomers, we will clear out minor tangles to ensure the balance of the fur.

Shower and Fluff

  • Anal Glands – Their anal glands will be cleared before proceeding to Shower. Anal glands need to be emptied regularly to prevent impaction or swelling.
  • Shower – We use only Purestpets Shampoo for their baths. An excellent hypoallergenic skin treatment bath that is suitable for all breeds of dogs. Purestpets Shampoo is a naturally moisturizing shampoo which is a conditioner in itself. We finish off the process with a Microbubble shower to clear out dirt and grime.
  • Fluffing – They will be handfluffed to get their fur in the optimum condition. We will clear out minor tangles to ensure the balance of the fur.
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