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De-shedding or also known as removal of the undercoat is done when there is excessive shedding of the fur. It is especially common in double coated breeds such as, Japanese Spitz, Chow Chow, Pomeranian, Corgi, Huskies and even in Breeds such as the Golden Retriever.

De-Shedding is required if we discover that your dog is shedding excessively . This is beneficial for the skin and coat of your pet because it simply means removal of the dead fur that is trapped underneath their main coat. This prevents skin problems and allow proper and balanced hair growth and it also means lesser shedding thus also benefiting your household cleanliness especially if there are kids or elderly parents at home. Their overall appearance will be generally cleaner and healthier. De-shedding is done as a Full Grooming Service, and you can also opt for add on trimming service if you decide you want them to look neater and nicer. There will be instances where you want to do a Full grooming (trimming service) but we detected that there is heavy undercoat. Under these circumstances, the De-shedding will be considered an add on service.


The Prices for add on De-shedding service ranges between $30-80 (It will depend on the Breed and Size of your Dog). E.g. A small breed Pomeranian will cost around $30 while a Medium breed Corgi will cost $30-60 and Large Breed Samoyed will cost $60-90.


“De-Tangling And De-matting”

Tangles and matting can occur in all breeds of dogs except short coated breeds. Regular brushing and combing is required to prevent tangles and matting. Mattings can be detrimental to your pets skin health as bacteria can accumulate in the heavily matted parts and lead to skin fungal issues. Tangles occur commonly in breeds such as Poodles, Bichons, Silky Terriers, Malteses and shihtzus etc. De-tangling and De-matting are add on services. We do not charge for small or easily removable tangles, but if the tangles are severe we will have to do so, as removal of tangles can be time consuming. If their fur is matted and have formed into heavy matts, we will have to consider shaving them off. Trying to remove heavy matts may be futile and may cause unnecessary distress and pain to a dog. Shaving is of course not the preferred way for most pet owners, and we don’t want that too, however if the matts are too severe it is better shaving than allowing it to remain on the dog, as there is definitely bacteria trapped and residing in the matts. There are two ways that matts can form; one is due to tangles that are left alone for a period of time, matts will form. The second one is less common, and it occurs when a dog is shedding excessively and nothing is done about it for a period of time, this can form massive matts which can inhibit proper fur growth and cause serious skin issues. This is common in heavy shedders like Samoyeds and Huskies.

The Prices for De-tangling and Dematting ranges between $20-80 (It will depend on the Breed and Size of your Dog). E.g. A small breed Maltese will cost around $20 – $40 while a Medium Sized Miniature Poodle will cost $40 – $60. And a Larger breed $60 – $80.

“Additional Groomer Required”

Some pets are more difficult to handle than others, and we may require 2 groomers to attend to them. Whether your dog has had a bad experience at another facility, extremely hyper-active, or is just really scared of the grooming process. We do not like to turn difficult pets away as they too require grooming and they too deserve to look nice and clean. We prefer to work with your pet so they may earn the trust of our grooming stylists over time and become re-acclimated to the grooming process. We will charge a handling fee if your pet requires a little extra love and attention, which you will be notified before hand.

* Difficult Pet Handling Fee: $10 – $30


Spa treatments are very good for your pets skin and fur. We have a range of different Spa services to suit different coat and breed types. We have been providing Spa Services for dogs for many years and we have noted significantly the improvement of skin and coat texture. Do check out the Spa Services. It is Under “PACKAGES” in our website.

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