We always offer the best for your pets.

We want the best for our beloved Pet Friends. We want them to be healthy and happy doggies. It’s our aim to keep our prices reasonable whilst doing our best for them. Do check out our variety of services to cater for their various needs. Click on our menu on the left side of the page. Feel free to contact us at anytime if you need our advice.


shutterstock_223148599We provide transportation to and from your home at very reasonable rates. We emphasise on the comfort of your pets therefore we do not waste time in transporting them and we do our best to arrive them to the comfort of our Centre quickly and safely. Safety is our top priority as their lives are as important as human lives. We use the best and safest pet carriers to transport them. And we have a proper system in place to ensure that they will reach our centre safely. Our Pet handler is adequately trained in handling dogs and has many years of driving experience. Cleanliness is a hallmark of Masmasgroomers; the carriers being used to transport your pets are disinfected with germicide and bacteria killing solution before use.


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