Pet Groomers in Singapore

How Pet Groomers in Singapore Changed How We Think About Furry Friends?


Two reasons that keep pet parents to avoid pet groomers in Singapore: Expensive Rates and Unprofessional Behavior. Of course, there are other factors to ignore pet groomers. However, some of the groomers are giving services are no match to anything. They’ve changed how we think about furry friends.

You may wonder what pet groomers in Singapore offer that no one could do themselves at home. You could let your dog’s coat grow long, but it would require maintenance. You may bathe your dog twice in a week with human shampoo. Or, you let your dog sleep in the same bed as you.

When you search for important tips from pet groomers online, you will find hundreds of amateur pet parents giving advice that seem quite useful. Or you get confused about what to follow and what not.

However, there are professional groomers who share their valuable knowledge online for the curious first-timers. What if you’re told to take your dog to a pet groomer in Singapore once in a month? Will you care to follow or not?

Not targeting experienced or first-time pet parents, but, in general, saying that you need to trust a professional pet groomer for your furry friend. Everyone could do anything for a friend, is not it? And dogs are the best of friends we can find. So, caring them is not a luxury, but a necessity.

Below are some tips, gathered from the best of pet groomers in Singapore, to change how you think about furry friends.

Brushing Hair

Brushing hair is one of the easiest tasks for fur parents. It does not require those special combs you see or hear about on the internet or from friends.

Regret to say, but brushing your dog’s hair is more complicated than you imagine. Incompatible combs will irritate or leave rashes on your dog’s skin.

Bathing Practices

What do you think, twice in a month or once in a week is better for your dog to bath? It depends on the lifestyle. For instance, your dog roams outdoor than indoor, then once in a week is on charts. However, if you are uncertain about baths, ask any of your trusted pet groomers in Singapore. Also, for new parents, bathing the furry friend is not easy.

Essential Pedicure

No other way around, trim nails of your dogs once in a week to once a month. Beware that this activity has fearsome qualities among furry friends. So, get the best quality cutters for the purpose or take him to a professional pet groomer.

Right Grooming Supplies

Grooming supplies? Yes, furry friends have a list of grooming supplies. Such as, pH levelled shampoo, towels and brushes, scissors and cutters.

Or ask one of the professional pet groomers to suggest what’s excellent for your dog’s breed. For instance, if you are a pet parent to Pomeranian puppy, you cannot use a hard hair comb, it will tear his skin.

In conclusion, contact Masmas Groomers, one of the professional pet groomers in Singapore, our pet grooming and styling services are proudly focused on furry friends.