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Welcome to Masmasgroomers Pet Grooming Centre. We have dedicated ourselves to provide the best care and grooming services for the pet members of your family since 2003.

Our aim is to Beautify dogs through care, competent knowledge and the excellent craftsmanship of our Stylists. Our mainstream focus is on Pet Styling and more importantly, the health and the well being of your pets. As much as we would like your pets to look their very best, we want to provide them with our love and care and important information to enable you to care for their needs optimally.

Focus: We are focused on what we do. Pet grooming and styling is our core service. Safety is our number 1 priority and we put great emphasis on the safety and well being of the dogs that are being placed under our charge.

Service: Education and training are very important aspects in our profession. We expect the best from our groomers and staff and nothing less. We stake our time for professional training and upgrading of our skills through various workshops, as we aim to give our cute friends the best service they could possibly have.

Our Premises: We take great pride in our Job. And we put in painstaking effort to ensure maximum cleanliness and a parasite free environment.

Our Pledge: Our Cute Pet friends cannot speak, and we at Masmasgroomers Pet Grooming Centre undertake to be their welfare ambassadors and to serve our pet friends to the very best of our ability.

Masmasgroomers derives from the word Christmas, A day of Joy & Giving. Our Symbol and Values: Our Logo is designed, such that every feature is a representation. The sharp scissors edge represent the excellent skills of our Stylists, while the jagged comb symbolizes versatility in the art of styling. Masmasgroomers was founded primarily on the love for animals. This explains the Heart-shaped M, in front of the word Masmas. The heart also represents a handle for the shears. The word at the base of our logo, GROOMERS in jet black bold, signifies the professionalism of our groomers which is the firm foundation of our organization.

Our Vision Is To Be a World Class Pet Care Service Provider for our Pet friends and a Leader In the Pet Grooming and Pet Health Care Industry in Singapore.

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