Add On Services


Sometimes pets just aren’t up for all the hype and attention. Some seem to do better with shortened periods of time at the groomer. (Senior pets and the more nervous guests benefit greatly from this service.)

Our Express Service puts your pet right at the front of the line. While we never rush with any of our clients, it does ensure your pet will be ready within 2 hours of drop off. Should you request this service, we do ask you make note at time of your appointment.

1-2 Hour Max {Sm/Med}…………………… $15

2-3 Hour Max {Lg/XL} ……………………. $30

Time frame is estimated by groomer and may vary based on pet.

All Grooming Rates vary depending on breed, size, coat type and condition. Please call for Pricing. (Consultation recommended for new clients)

De-Shedding Brush Out $20 onwards

Furminator $10 & up

Flea & Ticks Treatment $5 onwards

Size of pet is determined by pet stylist.

Please Note: Some pets are more difficult to handle than others. Whether your dog has had a bad experience at another facility, or is just really scared of the grooming process, we do not like to turn difficult pets away. We prefer to work with your pet so they may earn the trust of our grooming stylists and become re-acclimated to the grooming process. We will charge a handling fee if your pet requires a little extra love and attention, which you will be notified before hand.

* Difficult Pet Handling Fee: $5 – 20